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Desert Storm
Desert StormDesert StormDesert StormDesert StormDesert Storm
Desert Storm
Item #Desert Storm
Sale Price: $25.00
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Item Description
DuraLite Polycarbonate, a lightweight but Shatter Proof lens material, shields the eyes from wind, dust and flying debris as well as blocking 100% of UV Rays and reducing the eye drying heat of Infrared Radiation.

The "Twin Lens" system employed in the Desert Storm style has a built in Anti Fog Barrier to provide clear, distortion free vision when you need it most.

Ergonomic, Face Hugging Goggles with an adjustable elastic Headstrap, assure you of safe, comfortable protection from the Sun and the elements you'll encounter in the field.

EyeLighterYellow lenses heighten contrast and brighten your vision in low light conditions.

Includes a Soft Goggle Pouch