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SOS X-Change

All SOS™ Interchangable Lens Sunglasses feature multiple DuraLite™ Polycarbonate Interchangable Lenses, each of which are designed to block the Full Spectrum of UltraViolet (UV) Radiation.

Face Hugging, Form-Fitting Lightweight CSF: Composite Shock Frames™ crafted from Flexible and Durable Grilamid TR90, offer extreme durability and flexibility, to withstand the punishment of today's Extreme Sport enthusiast.

Cushioned "Easy Touch" Rubber Coated Easy Touch Frames™ temple tips and nose pieces offer long wearing comfort while reducing frame shift and slippage during strenuous activity.

Survival Optics Sunglasses™ are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

SOS Commander II
Sale Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Chain Drive
Sale Price: $25.00
Tracer  Ranger Sunglasses
Sale Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Pro Stealth
Sale Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $30.00

SOS X-Change™ Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses provide Full Spectrum 100% UV Protection, and keep your eyes from getting dry and scratchy by blocking out the Sun's Infrared Radiation.

Each X-Change™ system comes complete with a set of Interchangeable Lenses for varying light conditions. Some, featuring our CrystalVision clear lenses, provide eye protection for night time biking or outdoor activities on overcast days when you still need to shield your eyes from wind and flying debris.

DuraLite™ Shatter-Proof Polycarbonate Lenses are lightweight but 35 times stronger than glass or CR-39 Acrylic Lenses, and DuraCoat™ Scratch-Resistant materials are built into every sunglass lens to help protect your investment.

Lightweight CSF: Composite Shock Frames™ are engineered to absorb punishment and provide ultimate durability. Ergonomic, Wrap-Around, Face-Hugging designs provide maximum Sunglass coverage and protection from sun, wind and debris. Easy Touch™ Non-slip Nose Bridges and Cushioned Temple Tips provide all day comfort along with motion & bounce stability.

All SOS Eyewear™ is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to ensure your satifaction.

Lens Changing Instructions

Unleashed™, Crush™ and Vector™

  • With the Sunglasses facing you, grasp the inner part of the lens near the nose bridge
  • Push toward the outer part of the lens and down with your thumb
  • You may need to use a little pressure. Do not be afraid of breaking the lenses or the frames.
  • The lens should slide out.
  • Repeat the same process for the other lens.
  • To reinsert the lens, slide the outer part of the lens (the side farthest away from the nose bridge), into the lens groove.
  • Slide the lens up groove until it "clicks" into place.

    Pro Stealth™

  • Close Sunglass Temples.
  • From the rear of the Sunglasses, push the lens out and away
  • To reinsert the lens, again close the temples.
  • Slide the lens from the outer part of the frame toward the nose bridge.
  • From the front of the Sunglasses, with the temples still folded, press on the lens until it "clicks" into place.
  • Keep in mind, this lens is a "Floating Lens". By design, it will not go entirely into the grooves in the frame. The bottom part of the lens will be slightly raised over the frame.

  • SOS X-Change Specifications         SOS™ Multi Lens X-Change Sunglass Systems
      Lifetime Guarantee   Provided with all SOS Sunglasses and Performance Eyewear
      X-Changeable Lens Systems   SOS X-Change Lens System provides options for all outdoor conditions
      XCLS Packaging   All XCLS™ Systems come complete with protective cases w/lens storage
      Polycarbonate Lenses   DuraLite™ PC Lenses provides the best optical eyewear protection in the industry
      Aggressive Styling   Face hugging designs provide maximum coverage and protection
      Non-Slip Cushioning   Cushioned temples & nose pads provide motion & bounce stability
      Ultra Violet Protection   State-of-the-Art Full Spectrum UV protection