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SOS Snow Devils
SOS Snow Devils

Nick Rice, Extreme High Altitude Athlete, featured on "Disaster on K2" on Discovery wearing SOS Full Throttle Photochromatic Quick-Shift Sunglasses. All SOS Ski Goggles are designed to offer you the ultimate in comfort and protection with features you'd expect in Goggles selling for twice the price. Patented Lexan Lenses offers impact resistance while maintaining optical clarity and providing Full Spectrum Ultraviolet Protection. Ultra-Wide adjustable silicone backed strap ensure your goggles are secure and will stay in place. Lightweight, durable and flexible Polyurethane frames provide a comfortable fit and high density face foam repels the elements.

Desert Storm
Sale Price: $25.00
Desert Shield
Sale Price: $20.00

SOS Ski Goggles (Dual Vented with Anti-Fog Barrier and Coatings) Featuring PCX Xtreme Polycarbonate Shatter-Proof Lenses that are light in weight but strong on eye protection. DuraCoat scratch-resistant coatings are included on every lens. Because your enthusiastic approach to the sport will undoubtedly take you into a variety of weather conditions, SOS added a dual venting system on the top and bottom of the goggle frame. Dual venting allows air circulation over the inside surface of the ski goggle, which reduces fogging and provides fresh air for your eyes. Our Anti-fog coating ensures goggles remain fog-free so your vison is always clear. Our Quick-release, rear access strap is helmet compatible. Orange and Yellow lens tints filter out Blue light thereby increasing depth perception and enhancing colors. All SOS lenses provide 100% Full Spectrum UV protection.

SOS Sport Goggles         High Tech Doesn't Mean High Prices!
  Lifetime Guarantee   Provided with all SOS Sport Performance Sunglasses & Goggles
  Flexible Composites   CSF:Composite Shock Frames designed to absorb punishment
  Polycarbonate Lenses   Provides the best shatter-resistant eye protection in the industry
  Aggressive Styling   Ergonomic face hugging designs provide maximum coverage
  Dual Venting System   Dual venting allows air circulation over the inside lens surface
  Anti-Fog Coating   Anti-fog coating help keep goggles fog-free for clear vision
  UV Protection   State-of-the-Art 100% Full Spectrum UV protection
  Quick Release Strap   Quick-release, rear access strap is helmet compatible