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Sale Price: $25.00
Frame/Lens Color

Item Description
Our take on the traditional Motorcycling Goggle, popularized in the bad boy Motorcycle movies of the 50's.

We have updated the Harley with high tech features that include foam eyepads, a comfort stretch headstrap and extra strong but light weight 2.0 mm DuraLite Polycarbonate lenses.

Regardless of the color you choose, these lenses protect your eyes from flying debris, block out the Full Spectrum of UV Radiation and the eye drying heat of the Sun's Infrared Radiation

Includes SOS Neoprene Case and Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

SOS Gripz Riders Specs         Leading Technology at Half the Price!
  Lifetime Guarantee   Provided with all SOS Sunglasses & Goggles
  Durable Composites   Harley Frames are designed to absorb punishment
  DuraLite PC Lenses   2.0 mm Polycarbonate lenses provide the best Shatter Proof eye protection in the industry
  Classic Styling   Face hugging designs provide maximum coverage and protection
  Non-Slip Cushioning   Foam inserts provide motion & bounce stability
  UV & Infrared Protection   State-of-the-Art Full Spectrum UV and Infrared protection