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H2O-X Eyewear™ is the Water Sport enthusiasts dream come true.

Technologically advanced PolarMax™, DuraLite™ Polycarbonate Lenses that take advantage of the latest research into eye protection to bring you Full Spectrum UV Protection and Infrared Blocking to keep your eyes from getting dry and scratchy. With maximum Glare Reduction, and ergonomic face hugging designs provide both Frontal and Peripheral Brightness Shielding. All these features plus unparalleled optical clarity.

Sale Price: $25.00
SOS Fluid
Sale Price: $25.00
Expedition Polarized
Sale Price: $40.00

SOS H2O-X SPECS         SOS H2O-X™ Polarized Sunglasses
The SOS Eyewear® H2O-X™ Collection is designed for Extreme Water Sport enthusiasts. Whether you are a wake boarder, surfer, barefoot skier, kite boarder or just like to speed through the water in a 500hp powerboat, H2O-X™ offer the safest choice for maximum eye defense.

Safety standard 2.0mm-2.3mm Shatter Proof DuraLite™ Polycarbonate lenses provide maximum protection from sun, wind, water and flying debris with 100% Full Spectrum UV protection and inherent Infrared Blockers to keep the eyes cool even on the hottest day.

These ophthalmic quality Acuview™ lenses also assure you of clear, distortion free vision and their DuraCoat™ anti scratch treatment helps keep your lenses in good condition.

EasyTouch™ Dupont rubber frames offer flexibility, strength and all-day comfort. Each pair includes a floating cord with an adjustable feature and a soft protective case.

Survival Optics Sunglasses™ "puts their money where your eyes are" and offers an industry leading Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

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